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Team Work: The Power of Brainstorming

Teamwork would never be complete without brainstorming. If your organization doesn’t conduct brainstorming sessions regularly, it’s time that you do. Let us lay out the reasons why brainstorming is beneficial for your team. Uncover mobile traffic google analytics and create comprehensive concepts that are never thought of before. Unleash your team’s potential through the power of brainstorming.


The Creative Process of Brainstorming


It’s important to remember that every person involved in the brainstorming process are unique. We have our personal beliefs and values that may affect our way of thinking. Respect each other’s ideas, and never discriminate someone’s idea. According to Buzzoid review, many ideas went to waste because of discrimination or selective listening. Brainstorming is a creative process in itself. Before the brainstorming session, the facilitator should make sure that everyone is comfortable. It’s also good to have a whiteboard and a marker on site. List down all the ideas and collect them for later use.

Quantity Vs. Quality


According to Alex Osborn, the father of brainstorming, quantity is better than quality during concept or discovery phase. The reason is we can build on each other’s ideas until we reach a strong concept for alexa traffic rank for chrome. Once a solid concept is formed, the group will join another session called the concept analysis. On this phase, quality is given more importance over quantity. The purpose of concept analysis is to lightly tackle the feasibility of the idea. It is also the part where the barriers, challenges will be discussed and find ways how to solve them.


Radical Ideas

Ideas are powerful. They are game changers. We need more radical ideas to solve our numerous problems. Take the ATM Machine as an example. 50 years ago, banks had to do everything in manual. The inventor of ATM Machine, Shepherd Barron, rushed to the bank one minute too late. He didn’t get the money and that must have frustrated him to the core. Then he had this idea of dispensing cash like chocolate bars dispensers. He told his idea to the banks, but he was laughed at until one bank believed in his radical idea. That simple yet radical idea changed the history of banking. Let us remember to buy quality traffic and be open to ideas even we perceived them as crazy.


Intensify Team Work

A brainstorming session is a perfect time for colleagues to get to know each other and find out how each other thinks. Many organization will testify the positive effects of brainstorming on their team members. Despite the uniqueness of each team member, they learn how to buy alexa traffic and unite as a team. It improves interpersonal skills and communication skills of the participants. The facilitator of the brainstorming session must know how to get everyone to speak and accommodate each idea with respect. His or her role is crucial for a successful brainstorming session.